Wine & Dine: Behind the Vines at Adamo Estate Winery

Adamo Estate Winery in Mono, Ontario

I was just at the Hockley Valley Resort for a much needed retreat away from the city. Of all the times that I've stayed at the Hockley, I have never been to the Adamo Estate Winery that is right next door and that is owned by the same family. But, I have been waiting for the Winery to be open because I have long been a fan of their red wines since enjoying a glass over dinner at the resort restaurant, Cabin. 

Adamo Estate Winery in Mono, Ontario

I'm not a wine connoisseur nor do I know how to identify the many layers of flavours but I know what I like and that's always worked for me. As a long sufferer of the painful and embarrassing allergic reactions to wines, I'm extremely selective to when and what I drink. If you are allergic to sulfites or generally choose to limit sulfite intake, you might be able to understand how difficult it is to find a type of wine that you enjoy and that won't cause any discomfort (other than that light-headed feeling, of course!). 

Barrel chandelier inside Adamo Estate Winery in Mono, Ontario

A tasting and tour was arranged for me and my colleagues during our stay at the Resort. I have been looking forward to this even though it was mid-day, right smack in the middle of the week. Hey, there shouldn't be any judgement for when you drink; there only should be judgement when there's good alcohol to waste!

The building was modern with floor-to-ceiling windows with an overflow of natural light. The interiors displayed a mix of wooden beams and a custom-made chandelier/sculpture made with a barrel, which looked more like a piece of art than a light fixture. Space was not an issue in this open-concept tasting/dining/meeting/shopping centre. Guests can sample wines by the counter, dine on the split second level dining area or enjoy a charcuterie board by the very contemporary, marble fireplace. If I didn't live so far away, I'm sure this would be a great hangout place to become a regular!

The Tasting Experience

As for the tasting, I opted to choose the types of wines that I wanted to try. The Adamo Winery has an extensive list of available wines for tasting, many of them being award winners. Just so you understand the full experience, all grapes are picked and weeded by hand, then crushed and bottled on site.

I'm a huge fan of reds. It all goes back to my steak-eating days and I mean, eating a beautiful cut of juicy filet mignon once a week. Yikes! Not the healthiest option. I don't eat beef as much and only when I weaned myself off of red meats that I started feeling more energetic. But, I still enjoy a glass of red wine on its own sans le boeuf.

For the tasting, I chose the flight of 4 option ($12) that allowed me to mix and match. So mix and match, I did, with a combination of rosé and reds. Here were my top picks:

Wine tasting at Adamo Estate Winery in Mono, Ontario

2016 Underdog Rosé

Of course, I had to choose a rosé to start. This one is made from 100% Pinot Noir. There is blend of fruitiness and floral notes with strawberry, sourcherry, watermelon, and pomegranate. It's incredibly light but you can taste all the flavours. A great summer drink, I can see myself sitting on my balcony having brunch with my girlfriends.

2014 Gamay Noir

This is the kind of red wine I normally go for: dark, complex, spicy, with hints of berry. The Gamay Noir was juicy in that I could recognize notes of strawberry, cherry, black pepper and spice as I put the glass close to my nose. I was also told that there would be underlying tones of prunes, black currants, dates, and leather. It surely was complex and needless to say, it was the winner, and it was the one I knew was coming home with me.

Also good to know about the 2014 Gamay Noir, it's ready to drink now but can be aged through 2024. So it's a great choice to stock up or to gift to a friend or colleague.

Know Before You Go:

Adamo Estate Winery in Mono, Ontario
  • Tastings are available daily
  • Tours are scheduled Friday to Sunday (11 AM and 2 PM) for $22 per person
  • Private tours for groups of 8+ are available daily but must be scheduled 24 hours prior to arrival
  • There is a cafe at the winery so you can stay for some good food (bonus: everything is local)
  • Purchase a Winery Getaway package and stay overnight at the Hockley Valley Resort (2 mins drive next door)

The Adamo Estate Winery is located at 793366 3rd Line EHS, Mono, ON L9W 2Z2. Contact or 519-942-3969 for reservations and/or inquiries.