10 Simple Ways to Enjoy a Short-Haul Flight

10 Simple Short-Haul Flight Tricks

Short-haul flights are so much more bearable compared to long-haul flights. If your next flight is 6 hours or less, then that is considered short-haul. If you're flying longer than that, non-stop, hop over to my other post here and good luck! 

For everyone else, let's begin!

1. Bring your own food

Most short-haul flights (and no frills airlines) don't include food and drinks in their airfares so pack a meal and some snacks before you board. You may bring your own food from home or purchase at a cafe or restaurant at the gate. Alternatively, if there is an option, pre-order your in-flight meal through the airline website. The prices are higher, of course so make sure you are aware of that. 

2. Bring an empty water bottle

Customs will not allow passengers to bring bottled liquids through the gate so bring an empty water bottle that you can fill in at a water fountain once you're inside the gate. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the flight even if it's a short one!

3. Carry-on only

Forget checking in luggage if you're flying short haul. You will lose precious travelling time waiting for your luggage to drop into the luggage carousel. If you can, try to fit everything into a suitcase to place in the overhead compartment. Check the airline website for any weight and size restrictions to ensure that your bag will fit.

4. Consider cheap upgrades

If you've always wanted to add a bit of extra luxuries to enhance your flight experience, this is your chance. Upgrades in short haul flights are usually quite cheap. It also may be worth it to add a bit of money for some extra conveniences like wider seats, seat selection, and priority boarding.

5. Bring your own entertainment

There may not be an entertainment system built into the aircraft for short haul flights so bring your own laptop or tablet to keep yourself entertained. For me, I need to have music and movies to keep me occupied even for a 45-minute flight. The noise inside the plane is nauseating so having some entertainment keeps me distracted and more at ease. Bonus tip: try to find out ahead of time if there are USB docks in your seat so you can keep your device charged. 

6. Dress comfortably - but in style!

It's still a flight and not a fashion show - unless there is someone you want to impress. With short haul flights being shorter (for lack of a better word), there's more flexibility in what you choose to wear. While I would recommend bringing slippers and wearing loose clothing to long-haul flights, I would pay more attention to style in shorter flights. That way, I can just venture out and start my trip with my carry-on luggage as soon as I land with no time wasted.

7. Choose your seat wisely

My strategy changes from long-haul flights to short-haul flights. For quick flights, I like to choose window seats closer to the front. Maximizing leg room isn't a high priority. Instead, my priority is deplaning first so I can begin my travels as soon as possible. So, in this case, I would choose a seat as close to the front as possible or pay a premium to be guaranteed a seat in the first few rows.

8. Fly early in the morning 

If your flight is only an hour long, consider an early morning flight so you can continue the rest of your day once you land. Whenever I fly to New York City from Toronto (which is about 1.5 hours), I choose 8 AM flights because I can have a full day in NYC. Before I even land, I'm already planning breakfast and I'm not losing the entire day to being in transit.

9. Wear layers

There will most likely not be airplane blankets in short flights so make sure you are well-layered. The air cabin does tend to get cold and dry.

10. Stay hydrated and moisturized

Don't forget to drink lots of water. Skip the caffeine and alcohol - you can drink all of that to your liver's content as soon as you land, which isn't long anyways. Also, don't forget to pack a moisturizing lotion and facial wipes for your skin. 

What are your tips for short-haul flights? Does your strategy change based on flight length? I want to know your comments!