Cherry Blossoms in High Park: A Collection

Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

Spring in Toronto is usually gloomy, cold, wet, windy, and down right GREY. The shining beacon to this awkward in-between season is the brief window that is cherry blossom viewing. Every year, tourists, local residents, photography enthusiasts descend upon High Park in downtown Toronto to view the beautiful, lush cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The best times for viewing is usually in late April to early May. If you're interested in going, make sure you are prepared - these delicate blossoms are known for their short blooming periods.

Know Before You Go

Cherry blossoms in full bloom usually last for about a week if the weather is nice (meaning: no wind and lots of sunshine). These delicate flowers blow off easily so if you're planning on going, the best thing to do is to be prepared:

1. Check the weather forecast

Check it pretty regularly. These delicate petals fall off easily from the rain, so definitely make sure that you visit on a dry, sunny day and not after a windy, rain storm.

Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

2. Consult Instagram

The best way to see what the current conditions are like is to check reliable ol' Instagram. On the day that I planned on paying a visit, I searched the geo-location 'High Park' on Instagram to see what other influencers were posting on location. If the flowers looked great and were still on trees, then that was good enough for me to make the trip!

Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

3. Go early on a weekday

That's only if you can. I know some of us work during weekdays but if you can go during a lunch break, it's relatively more quiet during the weekday. And, I do mean relative. It's still going to be quite busy but at least you'll miss the weekend crowd! If your schedule permits, go on a weekday at 10 AM. 

Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Toronto

High Park is located on 1873 Bloor St. W. in Toronto, ON. If you're taking public transit, take the subway to High Park Station on the Bloor-Danforth line. Follow pedestrian signs directing you to see the Cherry Blossoms! 

Happy Travels!