My Search for the Best Full English Breakfast in Toronto

My Search for the Best Full English Breakfast in Toronto

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love breakfast and all things British. So naturally, the Full English Breakfast is the perfect portmanteau to the two things that I love combined into one. When I was in England this Fall, I had a traditional Full English Breakfast almost everyday. Even if I was almost sick of it, I had to eat as much as I could before I left. Call me crazy but I don't take breakfast lightly.

Full English Breakfast at Cafe Retro in Bath, England. 

Full English Breakfast at Cafe Retro in Bath, England. 

When I returned to Toronto, the first thing I did was search through all traditional English and Irish pubs in the city that served Full English Breakfast. Sadly, a lot of the pubs were closed. The few that were opened, well, served some sort of Full English but there were some restrictions. Some only served the Full English on weekends and some were missing certain portions. So before you start going through the city looking for the best Full English, read my summary below and make sure you really do go through the entire list! I've done the hard work (which is just eating so can't complain) for you so you don't have to! ;)

1. Figs Breakfast Lunch

Located in the hip neighbourhood of Corktown in downtown Toronto, Figs is busy, family-friendly, and yet, unassuming. Service is top notch and the all-day breakfast and brunch is extensive. There are varieties of omelettes, eggs benedicts, sandwiches, and breakfast platters. It's quite hard to decide on a dish, to be honest. The Full English is quite good. It includes a full tomato (cut in halves), two eggs any style, baked beans, home fries, and hash. Home fries and hash. They had both! It was hard to find a pub that served any kind of potatoes in their Full English breakfasts, which was a little weak for a British meal. Haven't they heard that meat and potatoes were staples in the UK? The platter was excellent, save for the absence of mushrooms, peameal bacon (which were additional), and black pudding. They do make up for this by making this available all day, every day. 

Figs Breakfast Lunch is located on 344 Queen St. E., #4, Toronto, ON M5A 1S8.

2. Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

This one would have to be the most complete Full English Breakfast I could find in Toronto, so far. Served only on weekends until 3 PM, the Irish Breakfast includes scrambled eggs, Irish-style sausage, back bacon, strip bacon, black pudding, grilled tomato, baked beans, home fries, and toast. The only ingredient missing was a fried mushroom but overall, the platter was pretty complete. Bonus points for the specialty beverages menu. Among the extensive list of coffees and cocktails, they also serve Shirley Temple, and Pimm's and Ginger Ale.

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill is located on 49 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M5E 1J1.

3. The Dog & Bear

Located in the artsy Queen West neighbourhood, you'd think that the area is full of breweries and hipster bars. But no, there is The Dog & Bear, which is a very English pub house. Once inside, you'll see the restaurant decorated with British memorabilia and retro, British rock playing in the background. Lucky for me, the Full English is served all day, everyday. Unlucky for me, they only serve fries and not home fries, as their online online says. Otherwise, this is my favourite place in Toronto for the Full English breakfast. The dish includes eggs sunnyside up, strip bacon, fried button mushrooms, baked beans, toast, fries, and sausage. No grilled tomato, black pudding, or back bacon. But the atmosphere and friendly service make up for it!

Dog & Bear is located on 1100 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON M6J 1H9.

4. The Queen and Beaver Public House

Another pub that served breakfast only on weekends, The Queen and Beaver is as traditional a British pub house as it could get. The building is an old, Victorian townhouse and the restaurant takes up the entire two floors. The Full English is served with black pudding, strip bacon, eggs any style, sausage, baked beans, and fried tomato. No home fries, hash browns, or mushrooms at this location. 

The Queen and Beaver is located on 35 Elm St., Toronto, ON M5G 1H1. 

5. The Oxley

Owned by the same people at The Queen and Beaver, The Oxley serves the Yorkville crowd. If you happen to be in the area for weekend brunch, indulge in the Full English and maybe try celeb sightings in the affluent neighbourhood. The interiors are similar to its sister restaurant and is situated in a two-storey townhouse. The Full English is quite small and missing a few things like hashbrowns. It's also an extra $2 to add black pudding, which makes it easier if this delicacy is not your thing but you feel bad for wasting food.

The Oxley is located on 121 Yorkville Ave., Toronto, ON M5R 1C4.

6. The Wickson Social

Another sister pub of The Oxley and The Queen and Beaver - seems like they are slowly taking over Toronto! Although you can't really tell the resemblance because the decor is a bit more modernized or rather, retro. It's still very cozy and friendly. The Wickson Social is a frontrunner in serving Full English breakfast in Toronto because it's served from 10 AM to 3 PM, everyday! The Full English here is called The Morning Standard and that includes: smoked bacon, sausage patty, tomato, roasted mushrooms, 2 eggs any style, baked beans, and toast. Minus the black pudding, this is as complete as it gets. Major bonus points for having peameal bacon, too.

The Wickson Social is located on 5 St. Joseph St., Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z3.

The Verdict:

I would go to Figs Breakfast Lunch for the convenience of having it any day, any time (during opening hours), The Wickson Social for the most complete Full English breakfast (among the six locations listed) and for their cozy, retro vibes, and the Dog & Bear for their friendly service, strong British decor, and British pop music. 

So, there you have it. Three locations from the west, central, and east neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. You're covered no matter where you happen to be in the city and happen to have a hankering for a hearty platter of the Full English breakfast!

Have I missed anything? Feel free to comment below if you have found the place for Full English breakfast in Toronto!